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Welcome to Bison Performance.

To me a Bison symbolizes strength/perseverance, adaptability/knowledge and respect/endurance. All characteristics of great leaders, teachers and mentors.

These qualities helped build Bison Performance and I believe are the key factors to success within this industry.

You see, I have a different approach to most, a no "Bull" mindset. No goal is too big or small, hard work, determination and the correct knowledge is what you need to achieve your goals, And I am here to give you just that.

My background is sports based, having been playing rugby for 17 years and also at a semi & professional level for over 7 of those. However rugby is not my only niche. I am confident within in all contact sports and team sports, such as football, basketball, MMA etc. 

I have over 10 years of coaching experience and I am confident in coaching both individuals and groups.

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Our Services

Have a quick glimpse at the services we provide. Providing you with fully personalised training, and nutrition plans tailored to your personal needs and goals.


Online Coaching

Training / Nutrition Programs

No In-person meets

Can be done through your phone

Weekly check ins

1 off payment plans available

Pre-made plans ready for you


Training and Nutrition plans

Pre made or personalised

Personalized Plans to you

In person / Online

Tailored for your lifestyle

The best way to achieve your goals

Progress tracking


Sport specific coaching

Training / Nutrition specifically for your sport

Dedicated to helping your performance

Train like a professional



Powerlifting, Rugby

Alex is an amazing coach, very helpful and full to the brim with knowledge. He made me a gym and nutrition program to prepare for a powerlifting competition, and made me the strongest and healthiest I have ever been. Since following Alex’s advice, I have achieved my goals and learnt about how to look after myself and my body. Every session is filled with positive feedback and points to work on in my own sessions. Will definitely be staying with him and would recommend him for anyone wanting to achieve goals and better themselves.



Alex really helped me a lot after tearing my ACL. 6 months after my operation I met Alex, I never noticed the imbalances in my body until he checked my movement, flexibility and my balance. Alex then created a stretching and training plan for me, to help get my knee stable and get my legs back to being equal. After following the training and stretching plan my strength and flexibility increased week per week, which we confirmed in follow up meetings. Alex got me back to rugby very soon after the injury and I wish I have met him earlier.


Alex came to my team as a rugby coach, but my first training session with him happened to be in the gym. With patience I was taught how to perform to my best, while he was always keeping an eye on my technique; helping me to see the areas I needed to improve. 

The rugby training directed by Alex can be strenuous for both the body and mind. Nevertheless after each session you have learnt a big lesson on how to be quicker, smarter or fitter.  Every drill has been pre planned beforehand and even the smallest things will become useful in actual game situations. One of the biggest lessons I have learnt so far is that giving 100% will lead to the best results and a happy coach.


Rugby,  Fitness


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