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Bison Performance is one of the leading rugby kit providers in Europe. We offer fully customizable, professional standard kit. We use high end, robust and modern materials to turn your ideas into a reality,

Our rugby shirts:

Come in 2 fits, Pro (body fit) and club (standard fit) and in 2 material types. Our most popular material is our 4 way stretch polyester. It is our pro fit material and allows a body tight hold but with an unlimited range of motion. Our other material is a lightweight but ultra strong polyester mix. It holds its shape, feels strong and looks the part. Both have reinforced seams for durability and all shirts have various collar options.


Both shirts also have the option of having silicone on the front of the shirt to really add to the professionalism and make you stand out!

•    Quick drying

•    Reinforced seams

•    Sublimated for full customization

•    Silicone grip

Our rugby shorts:

Our shorts are a true mix of functional meets aesthetic. Made of a twill polyester with spandex thigh and groin panels allows for a full range of motion but a rugged material. Designed for rugby and built to last, these shorts are fully sublimated, have a grip on the waist band and can come with or without pockets.

•    Spandex panels mixed with a hard twill 

•    Grip waistband

•    Sublimated for full sublimation

Our rugby socks:

Socks are socks! But ours are luxuriously soft and well built. Built in foot padding, a breathable polyester and high stretch rate give you a luxurious feel with the full durability you expect to have.

•    Soft touch but fitted

•    Lightweight and breathable

•    Padded bottom

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Want to make your own kit?

Get in touch today and we can help get that started.

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