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Our recommended products and services

We believe in giving credit where credit is due! These are a selection of products, services and other things that the Bison performance team highly recommends! We have used these products, tried and tested them and just want to share the word!

gold whey.jpg

Gold standard whey protein

One of our go to favourites for protein. As someone who struggles to find a protein that is easy to mix, tastes very good and sits well in the stomach, we would always recommend trying this!

Myzone HR tracker

As a professional athlete, Alex is always looking at his work rate in hte gym or on the field. The Myzone has been a big part in Alex's training for the past 3 years. Being able to tell you your heart rate accurately throughout your workout and even calories burnt. It also tells you how hard or close to maximum output you were working, a great tool for those looking to take their performance to a different level


vyvo lite watch

The Vyvo lite watch is a product that the Bison Performance team can't live without. After all owning various watch like devices (Jawbones, garmins, tom toms, apple watches, fitbits etc etc) there is nothing that compares to the Vyvo lite. It is a health device first, allowing you to accurately track your health from HR and breath rate down to Organ function. This is a device that keeps you safe and can allow you to keep a close eye on your body/health giving you a clear piece of mind. Check it out.

Toropro - KT tape

Our go to shop for KT tape and mobility tools. They have an amazing collection of sport specific gear that is perfect for every athlete. We have been loyal customers for the past 4 years.

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