Who am I?

A daunting question isn't it? who are you? It has always terrified me! But being this is the first of many posts; I think I should let you get to know the man behind Bison Performance and The Bison Blog.

My name is Alex, I am 26 and the idea of starting a blog was given to me by several people over the past few years, you see I have quite an interesting background or history so to speak; I have moved house over 20 times, I happen to have the most beautiful partner hands down in the world, had 7 surgeries, lived everywhere from Belize to Ireland, Cycled from London to Vietnam, my nickname is Bison, played for the German national rugby union team, have played Semi/Professional rugby for 7 years and I'm ginger what more can I say? But regardless of how cool any of that sounds (It is ok to admit it!) It wasn't all sunshine and rainbows.

Now this most definitely is a story for another day, but just to give you an insight into why I want to be talking about mental health and wellbeing; After my cycle ride I had a very life changing knee injury, in which I tore a ligament in my knee ( MPFL for those that are interested). But the sad story is, it was misdiagnosed and actually not seen until 3 years later, in that time my legs withered away, I couldn't sit on a toilet without my knee dislocating let alone dream of ever riding a bike again. I was broken, my dreams of being in the army, my true passion of playing rugby was over, throughout my life I have loved to be active and all in 1 second, its gone.

Now, before you start crying, it isn't all doom and gloom. After a lot of hard work, a lot (and I really do mean a lot) of blood sweat and tears, doubts, frustration, perseverance and a lot of support, I actually defied all odds, and was and still am lucky enough to be living my dream.

I wanted to make Bison Performance and The Bison Blog for me to be able to reach out to others, share my story and share the wealth of knowledge I have in all areas of the Fitness/sports industry; and to provide high quality sports clothing at affordable prices. I am a qualified Personal trainer / nutritionist and rugby coach. I have a decade of coaching experience and want to help Everyone, Everywhere achieve their goals.

Things you will see on The Bison Blog:

- No Bull approach to training and nutrition

- An insight into a professional sportspersons life

- Lots of free advice, bringing you the latest and greatest info from the fitness industry

- Mental Health advice and awareness

- Lifestyle / Wellbeing posts

- And in all honesty anything I feel like posting!!

The real question is, what would you like to see, hear or read?

comment below, I'd love to find out!


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