What is Bison Performance?

Bison Performance has been in the making over the past couple of years, after fighting against the mainstream media, "influencers" and internet specialists I thought something in the fitness industry needed to change. And I want to be that change.

What is there to change?

I will be covering just a couple of topics that I believe are having a big effect on the fitness and health industry. I'm wanting to put a light on the dark and help you to see things that you may have never noticed!

Fake news:

Everyday millions of people are submitted to information within the fitness and health industry that is just not true, and told to follow certain fads; which in turn are not specific to the individual and can cause serious damage. Just take a look at the daily mail, good morning show, the sun etc daily there is poor information being given. The worst I've seen is on 'This Morning' show last year, "go to the gym without eating, make sure you have a black coffee and a diet coke before you go - it's a stimulant and therefore helps fat move".

So if I am honest, I love to train in the early morning fasted (due to certain conditions I have, it's more comfortable), however to recommend this on national TV is just a lawsuit waiting to happen. This in some individuals could cause someone to pass out, their blood sugar or pressure to rapidly drop, could even lead to heart issues (if someone has a weakened heart, consuming caffeine before doing intense exercise creates a lot of stress) and can lead to energy crashes or increased fatigue.

For me, your health, wellbeing and fitness needs to be specific and individual to YOU. The great but also difficult thing within this industry is that there is no set standard for everyone, we are all unique. So why have a blanket treatment or statement for a whole nation? I can understand some of what the report was saying, but it should be made clear that this is not for everyone.

So where else is at fault?

Other than fake news the world now is all online - social media - such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter etc have taken over our lives. With social media "experts" and "keyboard warriors" being the next big thing. These people are making hundreds and thousands from selling reviews; products they do not use and information which is just not correct. But sadly we believe everything we see. Even kids are following fads that they see on Instagram and online and following the guidance from these influencers. It is dangerous.

All of these fitness challenges that will 'help you get a 6 pack' or 'here is how to look like me' etc etc, it's just all misleading. Some of the influencers are having surgery and then advertising products that "helped them look this good". We are seeing people who are taking performance enhancing drugs to help transform their bodies advertise clothing and brands. Thinking why we can't look like them? It's causing a whole lot of problems, in young adults especially.

It isn't just diets and training

If you stop to take a look at the brands on your social media or in the magazines and newspapers, have you ever thought how 'flawless' these models looked? We all know they are photoshopped images designed to make the image more appealing to us, but yet a lot of us still wish to look that way and follow these companies because of these people. There are a few fitness clothing industries which take this too far in my opinion (I think all heavily altered images that are published shouldn't be, however these companies are a bit different). These companies use influencers who are taking drugs to alter the way they look, as their models.*

These people have the "perfect" look in a lot of peoples eyes. However they have a look that can only be gained through, yes, years of hard work but also years of drug abuse. These physiques cannot be gained by most people, let alone law abiding citizens; and still they're allowed to be in business. It is hard to see such young people, 12-18 year old's following these brands, wearing their clothes and repeating what they see on their channels trying anything they can to look the same way.

So what can change it?

At this point it is hard to see if anything will ever change, however there are little changes that you and I could do to help us achieve our goals while staying safe and on track.

Research: Doing research is the biggest piece of advice I can share. If you read or see something that takes your interest, look into it, do some research, and see if what it is claiming is correct. Trial and see if it is for you!

Do not believe all you see or read: Do not dive head first into these dangerous exercises or fad diets just because someone famous spoke about it. Go and see a professional, if you need help ask for it. Try and find someone who is interested in helping you and staying with you to help you.

Support your local and online trainers and companies: Support the little guys! More often than not, they are the ones who are working overtime to help correct the mess that has been left behind. All it takes is a message!

Share your knowledge: After doing research or finding out good and backed information spread it, share with others. Help get the word out there!

So what makes me and Bison Performance different?

Well to put it simply I actually care! I love the feeling of helping someone achieve their goal, no matter how big or small, or even whatever the goal is. Being able to advise or even be part of a journey to the end result is a great feeling. I really do want to help Everyone, Everywhere. Bison Performance was founded based on giving the correct advice, with a no "Bull" approach.

I have an honest and open approach to training and nutrition being happy to tell you when I dislike something but will always back that up with why, and equally the same when I like something. I am not scared to try new methods, but I believe in trialing them before I advise. I will only coach exercises and methods that have been tried and tested to make sure they suit your goal and are safe for you. I have years of trial and error, alongside courses and hours upon hours of research - so you will never get this fake news from me. I have only met a handful of people (and I mean I can literally count on 1 hand!!) within this industry who really believe in making a difference to peoples lives. I pride myself on being like them and actively trying to change how we all see health and fitness!

Bison Performance believes in more than just training and nutrition

As a sports person, sports clothing is a big part of my life. Those that know me, know that I am not 4ft tall and weigh 8 stone when wet and a size small.

I am a bigger guy and I struggle to find affordable sports wear that is a good fit and style for larger sizes. That is why in the very near future I will be supplying modern, long lasting, fashionable and affordable clothing in various sizes from very small to very big and of all shapes and sizes! So just make sure to keep an eye out on our Instagram account for the release dates!

The real question is, are you following the fake news and did you even know? Help me to make the change!

If you liked this post please feel free to share it, comment and like it and help it get the views it deserves :)

*(Quick disclaimer: I am not stating that anyone in the photos used is on any performance enhancing drugs. I am also not claiming that every company within the industry or every athlete involved is on any type of drug. I am just stating that there are a few that are.)


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