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Starting Bison Performance and The Bison Blog has been something I have planned for a long time and this year I have finally started! This year is a particularly hard year to start anything especially a business. However I am extremely proud to announce that we are ready to start our own clothing line! As an athlete I have always been so frustrated with these very successful brands who do not accommodate to bigger sizes. Being involved heavily within rugby for my whole adult life I am bigger than your average person, whether it be in my shoulders/chest or my legs! I have always struggled to fit into "stylish" clothes, having to go for sizes that become boxy and misshaped.

Some of the biggest gym clothing ranges such as Gymshark only go up to a 47in chest? But it is designed for "Athletes" and gym goers. But to me it is designed to fit skinnier /smaller framed men with some muscle who want extra tight and small sizes to make themselves look bigger. On the other side, I do think their ladies range has a much larger variety, but I do wish that they moved away from "super cropping" their ranges.

This is where I am making a change. I want Bison Performance Apparel to be the first sportswear brand that can fit a large variety of sizes while keeping the clothing fashionable and high end; while being durable enough to be used during sports. You see, I have always wanted kit that lasts on and off the field, in the gym and is also good looking for wear outside of sports and training. That has been my goal, durable, fashionable, well fitting and affordable kit for all.

Now the only thing left on my list is having all of the legal side done, and due to the ongoing crisis it is taking it's precious time, however with the equipment needed now purchased and my first customers lined up, I am so excited to be so close to finally being up and ready!

As a quick insight we will be releasing squat proof leggings, a luxurious range of sports bras and woman's clothing such as crop hoodies, vests and long sleeve Tees. In our men's range we have a variety of short/long-sleeved Tees, hoodies, vests, joggers etc.

I will be announcing the whole range I will be dropping very shortly, but I would like to announce now that I am able to offer almost any clothing products you can think of from high tech mountain jackets to socks! So if you're on the lookout for any clothing then get in touch and I will be more than happy to help! P.S. we can help sports teams too!

Keep an eye out for upcoming offers and news, follow our Instagram to see live updates!

Just look for our Iconic Bison Head logo.

Feel free to ask about our range and prices, and please like and share to help us start strong.


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